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“We use Info2text everyday because it allows us to send information to all our camera crews and reporters quickly and easily. They then have the information to hand in case they need to double check a time or address.”

Helen Kemp – Sky Sports News, UK

“Info2text has saves me so much time everyday. It's reliable and
easy to use.”

Daniel Lilly - MTV Studios, UK

“Info2text is an excellent facility for booking people which is
accessible from any connected computer. It saves me time and the company money and provides an accurate record of all text exchanges.”

Ray Brennan - Observe Outside Broadcasts, Ireland

“Info2text, facilitates the delivery of information to camera
crews and reporters, in environments where it is impractical to
engage in telephone conversations.”

John Culloty - R.T.E. News, Ireland

“Info2text is a great asset to us as it saves us a lot of time
due to the ease of use and is a great way to communicate with
all our freelancers/staff.”

Lorraine Robinson - Telegenic Outside Broadcasts, UK

“Info2text is a great way of getting important details quickly to camera crews & reporters when they are out on the road. It saves time on the phone when crews and news desk are busy. Addresses & contact numbers can be communicated efficiently & correctly.”

Sam Farley - Five News, U.K.